Bibliographic Entries Country/Region Key Terms

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legal advocacy, grassroots advocacy, systemic change

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Africa widow's rights, property rights, land rights, customary law

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India, South Asia criminal justice system, low conviction rate

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Bolivia, South America, Latin America crime statistics

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Pakistan, South Asia bonded labor, debt bondage, child bonded labor

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Bolivia, South America, Latin America national statistics, nation-specific details

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Brazil, South America, Latin America labor trafficking, slave labor

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lifetime value, customer satisfaction

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development aid, foreign direct investment

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United States, North America foreign aid, donors/philanthropy

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Guatemala, Central America, Latin America criminal justice system, criminal justice system reform, rule of law, corruption

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Kenya, Africa police enforcement, criminal justice system, history of police force

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violence, everyday violence against the poor, development and the poverty trap, development and the violence trap, violence and bad government

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United States, North America access to legal resources, access to lawyers

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India, South Asia violent crime, sexual crime, sexual violence, legal reform

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London, United Kingdom, Europe modern police

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Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia public health, health concerns, public health in developing countries

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access to justice, access to justice and globalization

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India, South Asia access to justice, access to legal resources, prosecutor shortage

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Georgia, Eurasia cultural revolution, modernization

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India, South Asia court reform, criminal justice reform, access to justice

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United States, North America locusts