Bibliographic Entries Country/Region Key Terms

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Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa poor/good governance, corruption, anti-corruption, international approach to reform, accountability

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Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa police, police reform, law enforcement reform, role of the army

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rule of law, justice and legal empowerment, national justice systems, rule of law, donor aid/assistance

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forced labor, human trafficking

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gender-based violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, sex trafficking, predatory land seizure, illegal land seizure

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illegal detention, arbitrary detention, pretrial detention

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property rights, land rights, predatory land seizure, illegal property seizure

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sex trafficking, human trafficking

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sexual violence, gender-based violence, sexual exploitation

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South Asia, India bonded labor, slave labor, modern slavery

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South Asia, India children's rights, child labor

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South Asia, India human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, sexual labor

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forced labor, forced labor and slavery, migrants and forced domestic work, sexual exploitation

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child labor, child rights

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forced labor, labor trafficking, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, modern slavery

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forced labor, forced labor and poverty, human trafficking, labor trafficking

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Niger, Africa forced labor, forced labor and discrimination, debt bondage, forced domestic servitude, sexual exploitation

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forced labor, forced labor exploitation, supply chain management issues, human trafficking

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Brazil, South America, Latin America forced labor, modern slavery, labor trafficking, debt bondage, physical violence/abuse

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international law, human rights and development, law and development, challenges of human security

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public health, health and trafficking survivors/victims

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human rights, police and policing, law enforcement

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violence against women, sexual abuse/violence, poverty and sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, sexual coercion

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Indonesia, South Asia human rights enforcement, human rights adoption as political strategy, governance, politics of human rights

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Indonesia, South Asia sexual violence, trafficking of women, sex trafficking, outdated criminal code, untrained police/law enforcement

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UK, France, Netherlands, Europe, New Zealand, Oceania crime trends, crime prevention, crime reduction, risk factors for crime

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rule of law definitions, rule of law, political will-building, donors and developmental aid, democracy, judicial/legal/structural reform

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Australia development of the criminal justice system in Australia

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The Netherlands, Europe Dutch foreign policy, foreign policy/affairs

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history of criminal justice in Europe, police and policing

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Australia history of criminal justice in Australia, crime regulation

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commercial sex trade, police and policing

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London, United Kingdom, Europe historical criminal justice systems, Metropolitan Police Act of 1829, centralizing/unifying law enforcement, civilian police

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Guyana, Africa police violence, police abuse, colonial legacy, British colonial legacy

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Australia history of crime, development of the criminal justice system in Australia

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France, Europe history of criminal justice system, development of the criminal justice system in France

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France, Europe commercial sex trade, power dynamics, regulating prostitution

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social control

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inverse relationship between corruption and economic freedom, governance, regulatory burden

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social capital and (economic) development, trust as a component of social capital, impact of trust on development/growth, impact of trust on physical capital

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Africa rent seeking impact on development, impact of rent seeking on African development

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rule of law, poverty alleviation, development, justice reform, collaborative justice reform

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police, police training, law enforcement training

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militarized police force, modern police, paramilitary model of police, policing methodology

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cultural attitudes towards fraud and corruption; role of culture in perception of fraud and corruption

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Chicago, United States, North America historic legal systems, corruption and police

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children's rights, human rights, social justice

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donor support and criminal justice reform, donor collaboration, justice development, coordinated donor efforts, justice reform, criminal justice reform, international aid, aid/donor policies, donor investment in justice

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global crime trends, fear of crime, public attitudes toward law enforcement

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law enforcement and criminal justice, police and private security, crime prevention