Bibliographic Entries Country/Region Key Terms

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modern slavery, global slave trade, human trafficking

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violence as a global health problem, violence, impact of violence, cost of violence, roots of violence, violence prevention, youth violence, child abuse and neglect, partner violence, elder abuse

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Russia, Europe, Asia pretrial detention

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Moldova, Europe pretrial detention, human rights

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Europe European Court of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, human rights violation

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case law, human rights case law

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formal justice system, criminal and civil justice, informal justice systems, alternative justice systems, dispute resolution mechanisms, Millennium Development Goals, justice sector reform, relationship between the poor and informal justice systems, justice sector reform, rule of law

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Malawi, Africa access to justice, rule of law

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Cambodia, Southeast Asia colonial legacy, French colonial law, modern judicial system, military justice system, rule of law, Democratic reform

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Bangladesh, Southeast Asia violence against women, gender-sensitive development strategies

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Uganda, Africa widow's rights, property rights, customary law/practice

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poverty and hunger, economic growth and hunger reduction, social protection for the poor, food security

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cause and effect of crime, economic/social/political change, crime, corruption, crime prevention, historic criminal justice systems/reforms, preventative police

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theories of development, law and development, dependency theory

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human rights, judicial independence, search and seizure

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China, Asia, East Asia law and development theory, rule of law

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United States, North America, Japan, Asia, East Asia rule of law, formalist rule of law, informal legal systems, formal legal systems, governance, governance reform, legal system and economic policy, formal and informal legal mechanisms, local context

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white slavery

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United States, North America foreign aid, foreign assistance, promoting democracy, improving government accountability, rule of law

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corruption, shadow economy, relationship between shadow economy and corruption, impact of shadow economy in low-income countries

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shadow economy, relationship of shadow economy and corruption, effect of shadow economy of developing countries

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Australia criminal law, development of the criminal justice system in Australia

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United States, North America, South Asia, Sri Lanka constitutional rights, rights of students

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anti-corruption, anti-corruption and civil society/community involvement, social marketing, social marketing and corruption intervention

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South Africa, Africa inequality, property and violent crime, property crime

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modern human rights movement, rule of law, enforcement for human rights law, human rights and development, legal reform and law enforcement

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Thailand, Southeast Asia Trafficking in Persons report, TIP report, sex trafficking, business of sex trafficking, corruption

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development and security, human security, defining human security, measuring human security, national security and human security

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Africa structural change, systemic change, corruption affect on development, corruption affect on aid

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Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Asia, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Middle East police reform, police effectiveness and accountability, access to justice

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human rights, human rights violations, efficacy of the UN Human Rights Committee

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human trafficking, modern slavery, human trafficking awareness, child slavery, child exploitation

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Angola, Africa court proceedings, trial proceedings

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transparency efficiency, minimize corruption and maximize efficiency, cultural and economic influence on transparency

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South Africa, Africa corruption, labor regulation, access to finance

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poverty reduction, rule of law, access to justice

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West Africa Francophone West Africa, women in colonial West Africa, women and French colonialism

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Guatemala, Latin America, Central America poverty, access to justice, access to government support

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Nigeria, Africa law and order, law enforcement, British colonial legacy, colonial legacy

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rule of law, good governance, judicial reform, legal reform

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criminal justice systems, crime trends, comparative criminal justice systems

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(global) cost of criminal justice, economic welfare and criminal justice, transparency

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comparative criminology, crime and crime control, cross-cultural crime and crime control

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social entrepreneurship, social activism

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social entrepreneurship, social activism

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legal institutions and economic growth, legal origins, legal families, colonial legacy, theory of economic growth, common law and civil law

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corruption, moral hazard framework, collusion

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United States, North America white slavery, human rights, labor rights

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human development, human development /, quality of life

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police violence, police abuse, public health