Bibliographic Entries Country/Region Key Terms

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Colombia, Guatemala, South America, Central America, Latin America human security, violence and urbanization

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Peru, South America Millennium Development Goals, effect of corruption on aid, effect of corruption on development, anti-corruption programs

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violence against women, sexual violence, gender-based violence, sexual abuse/assault, child sexual abuse

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Kenya, Africa human rights, women's rights

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Kenya, Africa human rights, legal status of women, women's rights

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political economy of war, political economy of peacemaking, sustainable peace, conflict prevention, post-conflict peacebuilding

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development, development progress, improvements in health, education and liberty, implications for policy makers, development aid

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security, safety, state-building, post conflict economic policy, rule of law, bottom-up advocacy state-building

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Africa, South Africa social crime prevention, targeted crime prevention, leverage points, health and education services and support

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causes of corruption, cost of corruption, anti-corruption, anti-corruption and developing economies

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Chicago, United States, North America modern legal/judicial system, crime trends, policing strategies

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Chicago, United States, North America modern legal/judicial system, crime trends, policing strategies

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Chicago, United States, North America historical legal systems, police reform

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Africa customary law, informal legal systems

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Bolivia, South America, Latin America sexual violence, violence against women, gender-based violence

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Indonesia, Southeast Asia criminal defamation law, corruption, complaints against anti-corruption, press law, consumer protection law

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Japan, Asia corruption, police reform, law enforcement reform, criminal justice system reform, American Occupation of Japan

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property rights, security of property rights, contract-intensive money

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Africa privatization of security, private security

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United States, North America Progressive Era, white slavery

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Jamaica, Malawi, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Caribbean, Africa, Southeast Asia police reform/training/operations, justice reform, conflict and post-conflict environments, security, justice development

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Haiti, Caribbean rule of law, justice sector reform, rule of law indicators, police enforcement, police accountability

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access to justice and the poor, good governance, risk management, crime reduction, World Bank and development partners

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South Africa, Africa cost of crime, cost of crime on business development, violent crime, relationship of crime and household based enterprises, criminal justice system reform, impact of violence crime on economic growth, impact of crime on business costs, criminal justice reform

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Sub-Saharan Africa, Africa government accountability, corruption, effect of corruption on economic development

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access to justice, rule of law, inclusive and fair justice, property rights, labor rights, informal labor market, legal empowerment

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human rights, property rights, labor rights, legal empowerment

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microfinance, microcredit, philanthropy

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Angola, Africa governance, conflict, human rights, corruption, land and property rights, customary land tenure, forced eviction

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foreign aid

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Cameroon, Africa law and statutes

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Indonesia, South Asia law and statutes

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Angola law and statutes

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France, Europe commercial sex industry, attitudes toward sex workers, French model of regulation

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Nigeria, Africa police corruption, rule of law, arbitrary arrest, unlawful detention, use of force, sexual violence

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property rights, land seizure, government land seizure

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Japan, Asia, East Asia police reform, law enforcement reform, police systems, police practices

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Cambodia, Southeast Asia criminal procedure, criminal law

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Latin America criminal justice reform, criminal justice reform evaluation

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evolution of modern police function, social control, coercive power

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irregular armed forces, paramilitary

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colonial legacy, customary law/policy

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Indonesia, Southeast Asia colonial legacy, governance