Bibliographic Entries Country/Region Key Terms

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Colombia, South America, Latin America (economic) consequences of criminality/crime, economic growth, effects of violence

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development, contemporary economic development

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Guyana, Africa police violence, police abuse

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human rights, human rights violations, arbitrary arrest, pretrial detention, violence against women and girls, gender-based violence

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Cameroon, Africa human rights, human rights violations

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violence against women, gender-based violence, sexual violence

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Senegal, Africa human rights, human rights violations, culture of impunity

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women and poverty, gender-based violence, violence against women, inequality and women, property rights, land rights

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Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa justice system reform, comprehensive justice strategy, donor programs, rule of law, military and law enforcement, access to justice, legal empowerment

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gender-based violence, violence against women, sexual violence, sexual abuse

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violence against women, gender-based violence, sexual violence/abuse, human rights violations

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Nigeria, Africa violence against women, gender-based violence, police abuse of power, human rights violations, rape and sexual violence

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rule of law, history of rule of law, culture change, values change, relationship between rule of law and culture

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microloan, microfinance, microcredit, consumer exploitation, transparency

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gender and violence, gender-based violence against women, victimization, violence against women in the developing world, developing world, female victims of crime, sexual and domestic violence

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privatization of security

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economic performance, government accountability, anti-corruption efforts, legal and judicial reform, information systems, records management

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Africa relationship between crime and development, effect of crime on development, landscape on crime and development, theory of development

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rule of law, rule of force, ROL, alternative dispute resolution, ADR, transitioning states

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state-building, social trust/support, strategy development and implementation

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access to justice, legal reform, judicial reform, police/law enforcement reform, accountability

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Bangladesh, South Asia, Asia police reform, law enforcement reform, police effectiveness and accountability